5 Things NOT to Say to A Pregnant Woman

So many of us have been there.  So many of us are still in the journey.  Pregnancy comes with lots of joys and challenges.  One challenge is the people who feel the need to say things we would rather not hear.   This blog is for them.


  1.  “Are you sure you’re not having twins?”  That is just what every mom needs to hear…NOT.  She already feels fat and uncomfortable.  The last thing she wants is to know that someone else thinks she’s huge too.  What she really needs to hear is that she looks good.  A great thing to say instead is “WOW!  You look amazing!”
  2. “You haven’t had that baby yet?!”  I guarantee that she is very much aware that she is still pregnant.  She is so excited to meet her baby and the day can’t get here fast enough.  You are not the first person to say this to her, and you won’t be the last.  A much better comment would be “I bet you are so excited to meet your new little one!”
  3. “You look like you are ready to pop!”  This is even worse if she is only 6 months pregnant. And it goes along with #1.  Every woman wants to feel beautiful.  That gets harder the bigger she gets.  She would love to hear “You are beautiful.  Growing a baby is hard work.  Good job, mama!”
  4. “Birth is awful!  You’ll never guess what happened to me!”  No one goes to a bridal shower and tells their terrible divorce stories, so why do we hear so many scary birth stories at a baby shower?  Moms are already nervous about childbirth, this can make it so much worse.  Keep it positive. A great thing to say is “I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful birth!”
  5. “You’ll never be able to have your baby without an epidural, it’s just too painful!”  This actually can have several different versions, depending on how the mom is choosing to labor and give birth.  However she has decided to give birth, the best thing that we can do is be supportive of her and her choices.  A good thing for her to hear is “I hope you have the birth you want.  I believe in you!”

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience.  Even if you have done it before.  Their body is changing daily.  Their life life will never be the same after this experience.  SO, let’s let them know how amazing they are.  Let’s support them during this time in their life, because their pregnancy (and birth) story matters.

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