Every baby has a name and every name has a story.  I am so grateful for each family and the blessing they are to me.  Thank you all for the honor of being part of your story!


“I didn’t know if I could do it or not, but with Erin’s help, I was able to labor at home as long as possible and give birth naturally.
Thank you, Erin for being a part of one of the greatest days of our lives!” -Lauren, mom

“Erin kept me calm and helped me breath through the contractions. Even when things got intense she was right by my side.” -Rachel, mom

“Erin is exceptionally kindhearted making her services as a doula feel like family support!” – Gretchen, mom

“It’s a beautiful thing when a husband is encouraged to help and support his wife in the birthing process. When it was time for our sweet son to crawl out of that blessed womb, Erin never wavered.” – Jonanthan, dad

“She was an absolutely life saver to both me and my husband!! She’ll definitely be the one I call when I have another baby!!” – Amy, mom

Erin is completely in her niche – gifted in empowering women with a calm confidence to have a healthy delivery! – Crystal, mom

 Erin was AMAZING, through everything. She gave me words of wisdom and encouragement; answered every phone call and every question. – Lacey, mom


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